We live in a world in which it is difficult for a person to survive if he does not use tricks, all kinds of sashimi, and of course, intrigues. Hausa world - this world is definitely a place where only the strong survive, who do not bend to difficulties, and who believe in themselves and in the unseen power.

A person is capable of changing the world in seconds, he just needs to believe in the good, do it, and only then, he will gradually feel the change in other people as well. The good is within us. We always carry it with us because, above all else, we are not immortal and human without feelings. We can believe, dream and love as long as we want to. A person is truly strong when he believes in the good, then he can change the circumstances as long as he really wants to.

 "To keep a soft and kind heart when the world shows you its cruel face... That's courage, not weakness!"

Good is all around us, but it is hard to believe in it when we are surrounded by so much falsehood, intrigue, and malice. When we don't have the necessary peace of mind to feel happy. Yes, it's hard to believe in something you can't feel in others. It is hard to be good when you are treated badly, but one is strong when one believes in good. Kindness is a way to show that we are real and that we dare to fight the injustice and malice that surrounds us daily.

"Love people first, then ask questions. And then you will see that the light with which you illuminated others has returned to you, a hundredfold!'' - Kent Nerbourn

Good people are significantly happier, more balanced, and loved than other people, never forget that!

"There are three important things in human life: the first is to be good, the second is to be good, and the third is to be good." - Henry James

Human life is short and isn't it important how others will remember us and what we will take with us into eternity? Whether it will be malice, hatred, and loathing or love, warmth, and the perfection we have achieved here on Earth depends solely on ourselves. All the daily excuses for not being good people are just a weakness, which subsequently negatively affects our thoughts, our lives, and our destiny.

A person is truly happy when he loves and gives handfuls of this love to others, and if we want to walk the path of infinity humble and satisfied with this short life, we must learn to be good. And one of how we can achieve it is, in the first place, to cross out all the people who carry with their malice and envy, to forgive them for their choice, and to move on, cleanly on our way.

When we close ourselves to the bad and our attitude is to see only the good, we will be able to rise above everything that makes us unhappy, only then, we will be able to open our eyes to the wonderful things that until now we have not noticed, we will we feel undeniably truly alive, because a person is alive when he is happy, and he is happy when he sees the good and succeeds in passing it on.

''It's as simple as being good. You just have to put yourself in the other person's shoes before you start judging them.'' - Marlene Dietrich

We must learn that the best response to any insult is a smile and a positive attitude towards the world, because only then will we be open to everything new and wonderful that lies ahead.

"He who wants to help, even with tied hands, will do a lot of good." - Fyodor Dostoyevsky

We are the strength and spirit when we love and when we feel the love of others, so we must try to erase all the bad feelings we have harbored up to this point. Only then will we feel the perfection of living satisfaction from the fact that we are human.

"Keep well in yourself, this treasure - kindness. Know how to give without hesitation, how to lose without regret, and how to gain without meanness.'' - George Sand