A boy lost his parents early. There was no one else to take care of him except a distant relative of the family. But he turned out to be a cruel man. When she moved to live with him, from the first day the child was subjected to harassment and physical abuse. His new guardian beat and punished him for the slightest misdemeanor, fed him meagerly on the scraps of his table, and did not allow him to have contact with other children or outsiders.

The boy was patient and uncomplainingly endured his fate, but one day, after another cruel beating, he couldn't stand it and ran away. It went wandering on the roads, going from village to village looking for shelter and food. It slept wherever it found and lived on handouts. Sometimes it was taken to work when people were harvesting and needed labor. But while wandering and coping with his unhappy fate, the orphan grew stronger, learned hard work and discipline, acquired various skills, and built a strong character.

One day the road took him to a mountain village where the most famous martial arts school was located. There were legends about the mastery of its graduates. While looking for a place to spend the night, the orphan ended up at the door of the school. He knocked timidly at the gate and when they opened it, asked to be sheltered for the night. He took him to the Master, and when he told his sad story, he said to him:

"You can stay here." We need help in the kitchen, and food will always be found for another throat.

And so the boy began his new life. It was grateful for the help and willingly did even the menial work. And when there was some free time, he watched the activities of the graduates with interest. The teacher liked the boy and admired his strong character and tenacity, so one day he decided to start instructing him in the subtleties of martial arts. He personally took care of his training and soon noticed that the boy already stood out among the other students. He obviously had a gift, and he tried harder than everyone else.

Years passed, the boy grew up and became a strong young man. He was the best among all the students and the Master's favorite. So it was no surprise to anyone when, on his deathbed, he left the school in the hands of the orphan who long ago timidly knocked on the door. Now he has earned the title "Teacher".

One day the new Teacher went on a tour of the country with some of the best students. And by chance, they ended up in the village from which he had once escaped. When they passed his relative's house, they saw a decrepit old man standing on the threshold.

The teacher turned to his young students and said:
- I ran away from this man many years ago. This is the cruel man from my childhood that I told you about.

The disciples knew very well the story of their Master. So they looked at each other and immediately drew their weapons.

- No! I don't crave revenge. I am actually grateful to this man. Because with his cruelty and heartlessness he drove me away from here and thus I found my true path. Who knows what I would be like if I still lived in this village and in this home...

The most difficult events in our lives are the ones that set us on the right path.