To choose well. It is the main reason. For one reason or another, we spend time in these relationships. Maybe you want to devote more time and attention to people like you.

To make you more observant and get used to reading between the lines.

To exercise your empathy.

To capture intentions. These are not always manifested in words.

I want to scam you.

I'm going to dazzle you.

I want to seduce you.

I'm going to crush you with my wits.

But, even if the person is not so clear, he can give clues (knowingly or without realizing it). And you are there to observe them.

To have fun while learning about other humans.

And, if none of the above reasons work for you, you always have your own.

way of writing

There is a message beyond words

In my case, I learn more about a person by how they write than when we interact face to face.

It's for practice. In face-to-face interactions I get nervous. And the nerves prevent me from paying all the attention I would like to the person in front of me.

With writing, there are no nerves and I can concentrate.

It is a great lack of mine, at the moment. I have explicitly admitted it more than once. That and other shortcomings.

But, even if I hadn't told it to you in all its letters, you would have been able to grasp it. Maybe.

If not that lack, in particular, other vices or defects. Or maybe aspects that you do like about me, that I have never mentioned.

The same goes for you. The message goes beyond the symbols you write. Not only words speak of you. How you use them also says a lot.

Aspects you can look at

Intelligence, sense of humor, culture, good character ... There are positive qualities that are obvious when they are genuine.

And it is also noticeable when they are not genuine, but false.

The overall tone. The inexplicable feeling that a person transmits to you every time you read it. You feel it. you get it

Follow your intuition when someone gives you bad vibes. Listen to her, at least. On the internet, it is very easy to pretend. And maybe that part of you has seen the red light.

The formal. Their spelling and grammar give you an idea of ​​their level of education.

Other details

Too bad my sister isn't here. She is more observant than me. She could point you to more things than the ones that follow.

If you never find a misspelling or other inaccuracies… Hmm… Is he a very careful person or is he a perfectionist?

If you see how he continuously dances letters or syllables, but the message is usually careful… Does he have dyslexia or a similar problem?

If you use complicated and bombastic words, being able to use much easier synonyms... Is it pretentious, pedantic ...?

Do you use short or long sentences? If they are short, you want others to easily understand what you write. He works hard at it. It transmits speed and fluidity.

Not so much, if the sentences are long and, to top it off, use few punctuation marks. The message is slow, heavy, thick.

Although it may also be that he does not realize it. The person reads the text in his mind, with question marks, and semicolons, and thinks that in the minds of the rest it sounds just as good.

Do you use emoticons frequently? Which ones do you usually use? With that, you can get an idea of ​​​​if he is a serious, tender, carefree person … Or how he wants to get along with you, in particular.

And his avatar? There is something that she likes.

Do you use symbols to attract attention? Little stars, little hearts, shocking names...

Do you use a lot of capital letters? Hmm... It's not usually a good symptom, as you might imagine.

Do you talk a lot about yourself? This is very funny. There are people who, when they leave comments, relate any topic to their personal story. They bring themselves on stage, over and over again.

That person is very into it. Maybe too much.

Does he talk about the main topic without bringing it up often? This person is more outwardly projected than the other.

Or, perhaps, she doesn't like being known so much or filling the world with herself.

Do you talk about others? Whose? Do you usually speak well or do you usually speak badly? That gives you an idea of ​​how he might treat you.

What do you say?

I don't know if you pay attention to these things. If you want, tell me a little detail that you notice so we have more to observe.

There are characteristics of people that speak loudly, even if they don't put them into words. This entry is just an invitation to look at those things, to get to know each other a little better.